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At Confederate Woods Veterinary hospital we provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for your pet. You can feel secure knowing your pet is being cared for by trained medical staff and doctors, who can quickly address any sudden medical needs.

Your pet is safe and sound while in our care

We provide the highest quality care to each pet that stays with us. Your pet will stay in a comfortable, clean and germ-free environment. Our boarding service is only available to our clients, and we ensure that each of our boarding visitors is up-to-date on their annual physical exam, vaccinations, and is free of parasites.

Each pet is unique and we have many special housing options

We offer a variety of different canine housing options, including large runs for our larger guests, or those needing a little extra space. Our hospital includes a private feline suite. Your cat will certainly be comfortable in this warm, cozy environment filled with lots of natural light!

Our professional staff cares for our pet guests

We document your pet's special needs so that they are addressed throughout their stay. Our staff can administer any medication your pet may require. We closely monitor their daily activities and make notations in their medical record, enabling us to easily identify any changes or problems if they occur. We understand that your pet is unique, and we will make every effort to ensure that they are safe, comfortable, and happy during their stay with us.

We welcome your questions about our boarding facilities and policies and would be glad to discuss how we can make your pet’s stay as pleasant as possible. we also want to alleviate any stress you may feel as well. Traveling can cause enough stress and anxiety – you don’t want to worry about whether your pet too. Let us answer all your questions and put your concerns to rest!

Call today to learn about our accommodations and boarding policies, or to schedule your pet’s stay.