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Dr. Victoria Skoog

Medical Director
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Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine – 9 years in practice.

Dr. Victoria Skoog graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in 2008 and graduated from the Ohio State College of Veterinary medicine in 2012. She has a strong passion for internal medicine, parasitology, and soft tissue surgery. Her ultimate goal was always to run a veterinary practice, and thanks to Dr. Jody Dickey, her wish came true in May of 2019 at Confederate Woods Veterinary Hospital. She loves her employees and hopes that she will be able to help lead and grow the practice.

Dr. Skoog has been interested in the veterinary field from a very young age. When she was four, she wanted to be a professional singer, but at five, she realized veterinary medicine was the way. At ten, she saw her first surgery, a cat declaw, with an eccentric, well-loved local veterinarian, Dr. Wassel (Dr. Wassel was famous for bringing a pheasant to a local chicken flying competition at the county fair).

At fourteen, she worked for a local dog groomer and worked her way up to veterinary assistant in undergrad. In graduate school, she worked as a veterinary technician on weekends. She can’t imagine doing any other job, although occasionally daydreams about being a Starbucks Barista on really intense days at the clinic. She has a very excitable, destructive, affable Irish setter-golden retriever mix, Beaker, and two lovely felines, Miss Beans and Lily. In her free time, she attends a book club, rotary, and likes to go for the occasional swim at the YMCA.

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