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Confederate Woods Veterinary Hospital


There are a number of wonderful ways to memorialize your beloved pet. Cremation can be a lovely way to honor and celebrate their lives.


Dealing with the end of a pet’s life is never easy. We want to make the process less difficult for you by offering cremation services as a way to memorialize and honor the life of your beloved pet.

Why should I consider cremation for my pet?

Cremation can be a wonderful and flexible way to celebrate and memorialize the life of an animal. Cremated remains can be buried, kept in an indoor or outdoor urn, or commemorated in jewelry or keepsake items.

When should I consider cremation for my pet?

We all wish our pets could live forever, but unfortunately there comes a time where we have to say goodbye. Please consult with us as close to end of the pet's life as possible, so we can determine the most humane and appropriate end of life care.

Our Partner In Aftercare

Our hospital works closely with a local crematorium – Loyal Companion Pet Cremation, located in Hanover, PA. If you want your pet to be cremated, a private and a communal cremation are available. A private cremation is defined as a pet being cremated individually using the same standards as with human cremation. Your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in an urn of your choosing.

Communal cremation is defined as multiple pets being cremated at the same time with no remains being returned to your family.